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Scuba Diving in Grenada: A Diver's Paradise


Danielle Miller

December 5, 2019

With a plethora of exciting dive sites, both natural and man-made, Grenada is one of the most exciting dive destinations in the Caribbean. The underwater topography is hugely diverse with shallow and deep reefs teeming with sea life, dramatic walls, drift dives, and enticing wrecks waiting to be explored.

Sea fan and coral (photo: Keone Drew, courtesy Eco Dive)

The island’s underwater landscape is rich in biodiversity. Sitting at 12 degrees north of the equator, the warm tropical waters offer perfect conditions for stunning reefs filled with hard and soft corals, fans and sponges. These are home to thousands of species of fish, and other marine life like moray eels, octopus and tiny seahorses. On deeper sites, divers can expect to see nurse sharks, turtles, rays, barracuda and more.

Grenada boasts the Caribbean’s largest divable shipwreck, the Bianca C, a 183 meter (600 ft) cruise ship which caught fire and sank in 1961. Known as the Titanic of the Caribbean, she offers an impressive and challenging drift dive for advanced divers. Expect to see beautiful eagle rays and divers can even take a dip in the ship’s swimming pool at 38 meters (125 ft)!

Bianca C is not short of company on the seabed. Grenada is home to over 20 sunken vessels, dotted around the map. Shakem, also a deep dive at 32 meters (105 ft) is another impressive wreck not to be missed, and others in shallower waters like Veronica L and Quarter Wreck are perfect for open-water divers to explore, making Grenada an excellent destination for a first wreck dive.

Diver descending into the deep (photo: Keone Drew, courtesy Eco Dive)

A unique dive or snorkel stop is the Underwater Sculpture Park, located in the Molinere Beauséjour Marine Protected Area, just a 10-minute boat ride from St George’s. Created in 2006 by sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, it is the world’s first underwater sculpture park and was later listed as one of the Top 25 Wonders of the World by National Geographic.

There are several reputable dive companies in Grenada and Carriacou. Eco Dive, based at Coyaba Beach Resort, offers scuba diving trips to all the popular dive sites, as well as PADI training. Locally owned and operated, and run by marine biologists, they are committed to protecting Grenada’s pristine marine environment and sharing it with Grenadians and visitors alike.

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