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8 Top Attractions for a Day in St George's


Danielle Miller

December 5, 2019

Top Attractions in St. George’s

Fort George

Towering above the town with imposing cast-iron cannons pointing out to sea, this former French fortress dating back to the 1600s, has witnessed many historic and political struggles. The views over the Carenage and outer harbour are worth the climb.

Market Square

A full on sensory experience. See Grenada’s finest produce brought in from all over the island - fragrant spices, fresh fruits and vegetables, all amidst the noise and bustle of the town’s main square.  


Wooden schooners dock alongside modern fishing vessels along this picturesque harbour. Converted warehouses and businesses in a patchwork of Georgian architecture flank the seafront promenade.

Sendall Tunnel

A vital thoroughfare connecting the two sides of St George’s, this historic 105m (340 foot) tunnel was completed in 1895. Walking through the tunnel will save you a lung-busting hike over the hill!

Christ the Deep

With arms outstretched and facing the sea, this life-size bronze statue was gifted to the people of Grenada by Costa Steamship Line, in gratitude for their assistance in rescuing passengers when the Bianca C sank in 1961.

Historic Churches

St George’s has four historic churches: the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (Roman Catholic), St George’s Anglican Church, St Andrew’s Kirk (Presbyterian), and the Methodist Church. Sustaining considerable damage in Hurricane Ivan in 2004, and in various stages of reconstruction, there are beautiful stained-glass windows, clock towers, cast-iron bells and other original features to be seen between them.

National Museum

Originally a French barracks, and then the island’s first hotel, it now houses an interesting collection of artefacts, from Amerindian pottery to Napoleon’s wife’s bath tub!

Art Fabrik

A small boutique showcasing hand-made batik textiles and other gift items. There is a small workshop area where visitors can learn about the process of making batik.

House of Chocolate

Paying homage to Grenada’s growing tree-to-bar chocolate industry, this mini-museum also houses a cafe with delicious chocolate treats and a small boutique filled with things made with cocoa in Grenada.

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