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Altman Real Estate

Mont View Villa, Egmont, St George. Available for holiday rentals through Altman Real Estate

Altman Real Estate Grenada specializes in property sales and rentals, property management, and property consulting, and caters to their clients’ interests in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

Altman also provides well-appointed and exquisitely detailed villas, making the island one of the top luxury tourist destinations. The tranquility of Grenada attracts a jet-setting crowd searching for the ultimate in rest and relaxation. Now considered home to one of the Caribbean’s finest mega-yacht marinas, Grenada is likely to become a required stop over for well-heeled yachtsmen.

Whether you’re seeking land, a private villa, a beachfront condominium, or a commercial property, Altman Real Estate has a wide selection of properties on offer for sale and rent.

Altman Real Estate is an international associate of Savills.

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