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Responsible Tourism: 8 Ways to Protect Our Marine Environment


Christine Finney

January 14, 2020

1. Respect our closed fishery season.  No lobster or sea urchin from May to September.

2. No turtle or shark meat - ever. They are all threatened, endangered or critically endangered and need protection. Extinction is forever.

3. Take part in Grenada’s annual Pure Grenada Dive Fest: 3-9 October 2020.

4. Plan your Marine Park visit at your local dive shop or day charter.

5. Do not purchase souvenirs made of corals, turtle shell or conch.

6. Encourage your tour guides to teach you more about our conservation areas.

7. Choose operators/guides who support Marine Protected Areas, like Eco Dive.

8. Eat lionfish - lots of it!  This invasive species is native to the Indo-Pacific and indiscriminately devours local juvenile reef fish.

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