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Savvy Sailing Adventure

If you're an adventurous traveller seeking an authentic connection to the heritage of this Caribbean island chain, the Savvy crew can provide a truly fun and memorable experience.  Our small intimate groups and private sailing charters enhance the romance of being aboard this unique vessel. So what are you waiting for? Experience Savvy's Sailing Adventures today!

Whether you're looking for a romantic cruise under the sunset, a fun filled tour with friends or a trip that allows you to explore the Grenadine Islands, Savvy Sailing Adventure is just right for you. When ideal sailing conditions and an amazing underwater world is coupled with a knowledgeable team and Savvy herself sailing the Caribbean waters, what more can an adventurer ask for?

Read more about the history of boatbuilding in Carriacou in our feature 'Boat Building: A Proud Nautical Tradition Endures'.

Also available is Savvy's sister vessel, Jambalaya Sailing Charters.

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