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Grenada Investment Development Corporation

Aerial view of Grand Anse Beach

The Grenada Investment Development Corporation (GIDC) is an economic development corporation with a mandate to stimulate, facilitate and encourage the establishment and development of businesses in Grenada. The corporation also serves as the country’s Investment Promotion Agency which co-ordinates, encourages, promotes and facilitates investment in Grenada.

Investment opportunities can be found across a wide range of sectors. Priority areas for investment in Grenada include tourism (boutique hotels, villas, condominiums, attractions, marinas); manufacturing (agro-processing, light manufacturing), information communications technology and business process outsourcing; health services (retirement homes, hospitals, health clinics and medical facilities) and educational services. The island has efficient business support services and minimum entry requirements, making it relatively easy to do business.

Sandy Island, Carriacou

Why Grenada?

In addition to its investment opportunities, Grenada boasts the lowest crime rate in the region, great quality of life and hospitable citizens. The island represents the ethos of “pure” with its unspoilt natural environment, white sand beaches, lush verdant mountains, interesting flora and fauna, cascading waterfalls and, importantly, untapped investment opportunities.

To read more, have look at our feature 'Investing in Grenada'. For information on investment opportunities and doing business in Grenada contact the GIDC.