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Dodgy Dock

Our colourful ocean-front dining delight located at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort, is the perfect spot to relax with comfortable seating, stunning views and friendly service.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday, enjoy the most authentic of Grenadian meals or choose from a variety of international cuisines, spiced with the flavours of Pure Grenada and the Caribbean region. Our expansive menus cater to vegans, vegetarians and gluten free diets.

Four nights a week we have some of the best live band entertainment on the island - check out Street Food night on Wednesdays and the Calypso BBQ on Sundays!

Join us and get carried away at Dodgy Dock.

Opening hours

Open daily: 7am-11pm

Live Band: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays

Sample Menu

Saltfish fritters

Local favourite saltfish fritters, served with pineapple mango chutney

Jerk Chicken Tostada

Spicy jerk chicken served on a plantain tostada

Blackened Mahi

Locally caught mahi mahi fish, with a blackened spice rub, served with coconut rice and black beans

Callaloo Chicken

Tender chicken breast served with plantain salad, callaloo and nutmeg sauce

Chocolate Ribs

Grenadian chocolate spiced sauce, slathered on ribs, served with cajun homemade fries

Grenadian Chocolate Bomb

Piped Grenadian chocolate mousse in a chocolate shell, topped with caramel sauce and red velvet sponge