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Explore Creative Grenada: Art and Craft


Danielle Miller

December 5, 2019

With the emerald hues of the Grand Etang, turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea and the spectacle of colour and passion that is Spice Mas, artists and craftspeople in Grenada are surrounded by inspiration.

Crafts at the Grand Anse Craft & Spice Market (photo courtesy Grenada Tourism Authority)

The island is home to talented craftspeople, using everything from coconut leaves, wood, dried calabashes and recycled materials to make beautiful and unique creations. The Grand Anse Craft & Spice Market on Grand Anse Beach is a good place to look for locally-made crafts, and you can often watch artists at work and chat to them about their craft creations.

Freshly created textiles at Art Fabrik (photo courtesy Art Fabrik)

White Cane Industries in St George’s provides vocational training and employment for blind and partially sighted people, who produce beautiful baskets, table mats, bags, souvenirs and more from white rattan cane. And nearby on Young Street, Art Fabrik, winners of the 2012 UNESCO Award for Excellence for Handicrafts, creates beautiful handmade batik textiles, fashion, accessories and home decor in their quirky workshop. In the backstage gallery, art pieces from more than a dozen local artists are exhibited on walls, panels, windows and doors.

Handprinted mural raising awareness for ocean conservation, Tanteen, St George

Art in Grenada can be found in unconventional places. While there are a few art galleries, high rent and a limited market means that artists are using public and alternative spaces to showcase their work.

Underwater Sculpture Park (photo courtesy Grenada Tourism Authority)

The most famous is the Underwater Sculpture Park, in the Molinere Marine Protected Area. Stunning sculptures by artist Jason deCaires Taylor are sunk in three to eight meters (eight to 25 feet) of water, and were named by National Geographic as one of the Wonders of the World.

Waving Art Gallery (photo courtesy Grenada Arts Council)

The Grenada Arts Council works to promote local artists and their work. They organise several exhibitions throughout the year, including popular pop-up exhibits (check out our events calendar) in public spaces like the Spiceland Mall, and also run the Waving Art Gallery at the airport in partnership with the Grenada Airports Authority.

Life Drawing session at Art House 473 (photo courtesy Art House 473)

Art House 473 in Calliste, St George is a new art space that combines studio, workshop and gallery space. They also run art workshops, life-drawing sessions and give immersive tours by appointment. Other galleries worth checking out are Susan Mains Gallery (Grand Anse, St George), and Yellow Poui (River Road, St George’s - by appointment only).