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Explore St Andrew


Danielle Miller

December 5, 2019

St Andrew is Grenada’s largest parish, nicknamed ‘the big parish’ and home to the island’s second largest town, Grenville. The land is steeped in history with several important Amerindian archaeological sites and plantations which grew cocoa, coffee and sugar in colonial times.


St Andrew's Anglican Church in Grenville, St Andrew

Grenada’s second largest town, located about half-way up the island’s east coast. It’s the commercial hub for that part of the island with a large nutmeg processing station and busy Saturday market. Much of the historic architecture dates back to the 1800s, including some beautiful churches, the courthouse and police station.

St Margaret Falls (Seven Sisters)

Two of the seven waterfalls at St Margaret Falls (known locally as Seven Sisters)

The name gives it away - these seven beautiful falls are nestled deep in the Grand Etang Forest Reserve. A twenty-minute moderate to hard hike, the equivalent of nine flights of stairs, takes you to the two main falls, a postcard sight, with one flowing into the other, each with an inviting pool for swimming. The other falls are more difficult to access, and should only be attempted with a guide.  

Grand Etang National Park & Forest Reserve

Grand Etang Lake, St Andrew

The Grand Etang National Park and Forest Reserve transcends parish boundaries, but the majority is located in St Andrew, including Grand Etang Lake, a 32-acre crater lake in an extinct volcano. There is a shore trail around the lake, and it is a nice spot for a picnic. The surrounding forest reserve is filled with flora and fauna. It is also home to some of Grenada’s alluring and endangered animal species including opossum, armadillo, mongoose, the Mona monkey and an iconic tree frog. There is a good network of well-marked trails offering walks and hikes, with guides and information available at the information centre.

Royal Mount Carmel Waterfall

Royal Mt Carmel Waterfalls (known locally as Marquis Falls), St Andrew

Also known locally as Marquis Falls, this is the tallest (straight-falling) waterfall in Grenada at over 21 meters (70 ft) high, cascading over a huge rock wall. After a twenty-minute hike through the forest, you’ll hear the roar of the falls before you see it emerge through the foliage.

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