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Sightseeing in Grenada: Unique & Insightful Tours


Danielle Miller

December 5, 2019

Caribbean Horizons Tours offers a range of insightful and authentic tours showcasing the best of Grenada. The expert tour guides each have specific subject specialisms, and have designed and curated a range of itineraries that show off the must-see attractions, as well as unique, lesser-visited places for an insider’s perspective on beautiful Grenada. There are many tours to choose from including the option of a fully customised experience depending on interests. Here are a few of our favourites:

Deluxe Island Tour: Grenada in a Nutshell

Jumping in at Annandale Falls

This tour offers a ‘round-the-island-trip’ to get a feel for the history, culture and stunning scenery of Grenada, all in one day. Drive through quiet fishing villages on the west coast, and the lush Grand Etang rainforest of the island’s interior. Stop at historic cocoa plantations, nutmeg processing facilities, rum factories, beautiful waterfalls and much more, for a true taste of everything Grenada has to offer.

Garden Tours: Floral Delights

Grenada's display at Chelsea Flower Show

The island’s fertile volcanic soil and warm tropical climate makes it the perfect home for a diverse range of exotic flora. Grenada proudly displays the results of its gardeners’ and florists’ labour at the Chelsea Flower Show in London and in 2019, the Grenada team proudly brought home its 15th Gold Medal. This specialist tour takes visitors to some of the island’s most beautiful gardens filled with exotic flowers, fruit and spices, many of which grow flowers for Chelsea.

Grenada Uncovered

Monument honouring Cuban lives lost during the intervention period

Step back in time on this unique political and historical tour that unveils some of Grenada’s most turbulent history - the revolution orchestrated by Maurice Bishop in 1979 and subsequent US-led intervention in 1983. History comes to life as you visit former homes, historical sites and monuments to this fascinating era that put Grenada on the world map.

Rock Art Tour

Amerindian petropgyphs at Waltham, St Mark. (Photo courtesy Grenada National Trust)

Very little is left of the indigenous peoples that inhabited Camerhogne, their name for Grenada, before the Europeans arrived. However, there are several petroglyphs and other archaeological sites around the island. Most are not sign-posted, so Caribbean Horizons’  knowledgeable guide takes you on a journey through time to find them and unveil their stories.

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