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6 Tips for Enjoying Your Beach Day in Grenada


Danielle Miller

December 5, 2019

Some useful tips and suggestions to ensure you have a memorable day at the beach in Grenada, Carriacou or Petite Martinique.

1. Apply sunblock before going into the sun, then every two hours, and after swimming. It’s a good idea to avoid sun-tanning between noon and 2pm, when the sun is strongest.

2. Keep hydrated by taking water with you in a refillable bottle (avoid single-use plastics, please!). A rum punch from the beach bar doesn’t count, but will certainly help cool you down!

3. Don’t sit under manchineel trees - the fruit is poisonous and causes skin blisters, and also watch out for falling coconuts and dry coconut palms like the ones above.

4. Respect signs or flags indicating safe swimming zones. Red flags mean no swimming in that area. Remember that most beaches do not have lifeguards on duty. Read more about staying safe while on vacation in Grenada on our Safety Tips page.

5. Do not remove sand from the beach or coral and marine life from the sea. For more tips on protecting our marine environment, check out our blog, Responsible Tourism: 8 Ways to Protect our Marine Environment.

Take all your garbage with you, and dispose of it in the bins provided. Help us keep Pure Grenada as beautiful as it is.

Ready to hit the sand and the sea? Check out our features highlighting our favourite spots: Beaches of Grenada and Beaches of Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

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