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Beaches of Carriacou and Petite Martinique


Danielle Miller

December 5, 2019

Carriacou Beaches and Out-Islands

Anse La Roche, Carriacou. (Photo courtesy Grenada Tourism Authority)

Anse La Roche

A beach that will take your breath away. Named after the large rock where pelicans land, it’s only accessible via a short trek or by boat, so it’s quite possible you’ll have the whole beach to yourself.

Paradise Beach, Carriacou. (Photo Courtesy Grenada Tourism Authority)

Paradise Beach

Aptly named, this is one of the island’s most beautiful beaches, with powder white sand and a barrier reef creating a calm lagoon of turquoise water.

Hillsborough Beach, Carriacou

Hillsborough Beach  

Stretching the full length of the town and punctuated by the main pier, this beautiful beach is perfectly located for a quick swim in between errands. Check out The Mermaid Beach Hotel, in the heart of Hillsborough Bay - the perfect base for exploring Carriacou. And the onsite Callalou Restaurant offers delicious meals with stunning views over Hillsborough Beach.

White Island, south of Carriacou

White Island

Take a water taxi to this little piece of paradise with a beautiful beach and impressive reefs for snorkeling.

Sandy Island, Carriacou. (Photo courtesy Grenada Tourism Authority)

Sandy Island

Surrounded by a five-mile Marine Protected Area, the tiny crescent-shaped islet is an idyllic spot for swimming, snorkeling and indulging your desert island fantasies. Check out our feature, 'Establishing Marine Parks in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique', and the work being done to protect our precious marine ecosystems.

Petite Martinique Beaches

Aerial view of Petite Martinique. (Photo courtesy Grenada Tourism Authority)

The coastline of Petite Martinique is dominated by sharp and rocky cliff faces, punctuated by a few stretches of white sand beaches. Sanchez Beach is great for sailing, surfing and snorkeling, while Mang Beach is calmer for swimming. Learn more about Petite Martinique.

Caves at Darant Bay, Petite Martinique. (Photo: Shadick Bethel, courtesy Grenada Tourism Authority)

In Darant Bay, there are caves along the beach that can be explored at low tide.

Diving & Snorkeling

Deriving from an Amerindian word that means ‘the land surrounded by reefs’, Carriacou is a diver’s paradise, with many pristine coral reefs to explore, as well as exciting wrecks. Rated ‘first class’ by Skin Diver Magazine, there are about 20 dive sites to choose from.

‘Barracuda Point’ at Sisters Rocks reveals majestic coral forests flooded with marine life, ‘Layer Cake’ is a vibrant drift dive within the Southern Cays and wreck divers will enjoy exploring a series of tug-boats sunk over 20 years ago, which are now delightful artificial reef systems.

Learn more about Carriacou and Petite Martinique.