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Explore the Seas in Grenada


Danielle Miller

December 5, 2019

High Time Snorkel Adventure (Photo courtesy High Time)

Whether you opt for smooth sailing under canvas, or speed up the journey with an engine, there are many ways to enjoy a day on the water in Grenada, or a multi-day odyssey to explore the Grenadines to the north.

A vacation in Grenada just isn’t complete without a day at sea. A boat trip offers a completely different perspective of the island, as you look back at the shoreline, and allows access to secluded bays and out-islands that are otherwise inaccessible. Heading out from St George’s Harbour and the adjacent Lagoon (where most boat charters are based), there’s a lot to see above and below the waves. Several stunning west coast beaches including Grand Anse, the Underwater Sculpture Park, many popular snorkel sites and Glovers and Hog islands are all nearby and easily accessible by boat - with no traffic to slow you down!

Self-drive dinghy tour with Sea Sun Adventure / E-Sea Rider Tours. (Photo courtesy Banana Boat Tours)

A popular option is a join-in catamaran tour. Shadowfax Cruises offer daily group and private tours with many options from a two-hour sunset cruise, to a full six-hour Snorkeling Sparkling Champagne & Lobster Cruise. High Time specialises in fun-filled snorkeling tours and day trips, with a fully-stocked bar on board. And a family-friendly option is to pilot your own dinghy on a fun boat tour in convoy, with Sea Sun Adventure / E-Sea Rider Tours.

Guests enjoying drinks aboard Jambalaya. (Photo courtesy Jambalaya Sailing Charters)

To sail back in time, Savvy Sailing Adventure and Jambalaya Sailing Charters both offer charters on historic wooden vessels for a classic Caribbean sailing experience. Read more about classic sailing sloops built in Carriacou in our feature, 'Boat Building: A Proud Nautical Tradition Endures'.

WIC-KID anchored at Saline Island, south of Carriacou (Photo courtesy WIC Luxury Charters)

And for an intimate luxury experience, consider a private charter with WIC Luxury Charters, aboard a spacious luxury powerboat.

Sports-fishing charters are a great option for an action-packed adventure in search of the big catch - sailfish, marlin and tuna are all abundant in these waters. Sports-fishing is on a catch-and-release basis, to ensure that fishing numbers are not compromised on the basis of sport. Each January, Grenada hosts the Spice Island Billfish Tournament, one of the most popular in the region.

Whichever vessel you choose, a day on the water is a must during your time in Grenada.