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Silversands Grenada is conceived as the antidote to the faceless homogenous luxury that forms the backdrop to the typical experience of the frequent traveller. It is a place where luxury is not gated off from the rest of the world, it is a beautiful addition to it.

Revel in a world where modern luxury and nature harmoniously become one, a beautiful refuge from life’s merry-go-round. Drink the wild air, because when we are free, is when we are living.


Asiatique Restaurant merges aromatic Grenadian spices with modern Asian cooking methods. See our Asiatique Restaurant Listing for more information and a sample menu.

Grenadian Grill

Overlooking Grand Anse Beach, enjoy an inventive menu featuring Mediterranean cuisine and traditional Grenadian dishes at Grenadian Grill. See our Grenadian Grill Restaurant Listing for more info and a sample menu.


Slow down and savour the night completely; with over 150 pure rums and fine cigars from around the world.

Silversands Grenada