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Grenada National Trust

Lime kiln ruins, Petite Martinique

Work of the Trust

The Grenada National Trust was created in 1967, with the aim of protecting Grenada’s cultural, architectural and natural heritage through fundraising, education, public awareness and community involvement. The work of the Trust spans identification, conservation and promotion of heritage sites.

Dougaldston Estate, St John

Heritage Map App

Discover the many heritage sites and tourist attractions across Grenada by downloading the Grenada National Trust’s Heritage Map on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You can find over 50 points of interest with photos, descriptions on where to find them, operating hours and contact details.

Support the Trust

To find out more about the Grenada National Trust, including heritage properties, tours, and how you can support the Trust, visit their website.

New Heritage Book

Available in bookshops “Grenada Heritage: A pictorial journey through place and time” beautifully depicts important historical buildings, landscapes, and other places around the tri-island of Grenada. These sites played important roles in Grenada’s history and its people, and many of them are unknown or completely unrecorded. The beautiful coffee table book aims to raise public awareness of these sites and encourages visitors to explore Grenada’s history, scattered across the landscape. The book is also a lovely memento from a trip to Grenada.

To read about Grenada's history, check out our feature, 'Historical Landcape: The Story of Grenada', by historian John Angus Martin.