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Explore St Mark


Danielle Miller

December 5, 2019

St Mark is remote and sparse on the island’s north west coast, but filled with natural beauty. Although the smallest parish on mainland Grenada, St Mark lays claim to some very tall sights, including the island’s tallest mountain and waterfall, offering some beautiful but challenging hikes in those areas.

Duquesne Bay Petroglyphs

Located on the southern end of the bay and easy to access from the road are these extensive markings and symbols, left behind by Grenada’s Carib Amerindians.

Diamond Chocolate Factory

Estate ruins at Diamond Chocolate Factory

The home of Jouvay Chocolate, this small chocolate factory is housed in what was previously a rum distillery built by French monks. Enjoy a tour and explanation of the chocolate-making facilities, browsing through the shop and refreshments from the café serving all things chocolate.


Sunset City is a small coastal town overlooking the Caribbean Sea to the west, with a population of about 4,000. Victoria’s economy is based around fishing and agriculture.

Mt St Catherine

Views along the hike to the top of Mt St Catherine (photo: John Murray)

Grenada’s highest point at 840 meters (2,760 ft) is a weathered (and dormant) stratovolcano with a horse-shoe shaped crater at the top. There are three rugged routes to the top through lush rainforests.

Tufton Hall Waterfall

The island’s most remote waterfall and claimed to be the tallest (based on a series of falls) at 25 meters (82 ft), requiring a three hour technical hike.

Crayfish Bay Organic Estate

The inside of a freshly picked cocoa pod

Producing organic chocolate from charcoal roasted beans, this 200 year old estate is now a fully functioning organic farm, and also features a historic cast iron bridge.

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