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Clarke's Court Rum

Producing exceptional rums in Grenada since 1937, Clarke’s Court won a staggering seven gold medals and one double gold medal at the 2019 World Spirit Awards in Austria.

A bottle for every occasion, Clarke’s Court offers a range of white, dark, flavoured and specialty rums. The Superior Light is a bartender’s favourite for cocktails. The Special Dark is a versatile choice for mixing with chasers, sodas and juices, and for a special occasion, crack open a bottle of Old Grog, a premium sipping rum.

Available islandwide, ask for Clarke’s Court rums in bars, restaurants, supermarkets and at the airport.

We were proud to include Clarke's Court's Old Grog rum in our feature 'Editor's Pick: Buy Local', which champions top quality products made in Grenada.

Clarke’s Court - Grenada’s Number One Rum!