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Student Life in Grenada: Claire Kuszajewski


Danielle Miller

December 5, 2019

Claire Kuszajewski is a 6th term vet student at St George’s University. After graduating from Delaware Valley University in Doylestown, PA, she accepted an SGU scholarship to pursue a Masters in Public Health followed by a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. After three years on-island, she shares some of her most memorable experiences while studying in Grenada.


“It’s so incredible to hit the water on a sailboat. I went with a group of friends aboard Cosair Charters, for a sunset cruise along the west coast. At times like this, you really stop and think, I’m going to school in paradise!”

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“In Grenada, within minutes the scenery changes from turquoise seas to lush rainforest. I love packing a backpack with drinks and snacks and heading to one of the island’s waterfalls for the day with friends. My favourite is Basse Falls, the lower fall at Mt Carmel (also known as Marquis Falls), where there’s a gently sloping waterfall that you can slide down for a hit of adrenaline!”

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Volunteering at the Grenada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (GSPCA)

“I started at the GSPCA by fostering pups at the weekends and volunteering my time to do kennel work, which then led to me doing an internship for my Masters of Public Health in the summer of 2019. I worked as a vet technician and assisted with elective spay and neuter surgeries. I gained incredible hands-on experience to further my career. As a student living in Grenada, it was a privilege to contribute to the great community outreach work that the GSPCA does. I’d encourage all students to spend time volunteering while in Grenada - whether at the general hospital for medical students, GSPCA for vet students or elsewhere - there are so many worthwhile causes, and volunteering will enrich your overall experience and memories of Grenada.”


“There’s so much to see in Grenada beneath the waves. I’ve been snorkeling to the Underwater Sculpture Park and to Flamingo Bay with Dive Grenada, and being in the ocean really takes your breath away.”

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“I’ve really tried to get out there and see as much of Grenada as possible, and have been on nearly every hiking trail the island offers, often with my dogs in tow! One of my favourites has to be Mount Qua Qua, one of the island’s tallest peaks in the Grand Etang rainforest. It’s a challenging hike, but the views of Grand Anse Beach and the south western coastline will take your breath away. Hiking in Grenada is a great stress relief for me, and a much needed break from studying.”

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